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Developing Desktop Applications

What are Desktop Applications?

Desktop applications are applications that need to be installed directly on computer.

Types of Desktop Applications

They are either:

  • Standalone applications - applications which run on a single computer with no need to communicate with other computers
  • or
  • Client applications - applications which need to communicate with other computers on the network in order to work properly

Why Desktop Applications?

Desktop applications are chosen over web applications mostly for three reasons:

  • Security – contained within the closed network they are much safer from outer breaches as you need to have the application on your computer to run it
  • Speed – if application uses heavy processing it is more advisable to run it on the single computer than over the web
  • Persistency – desktop applications do not rely on web connectivity therefore their processing is more persistent

Our promise

Our team will advise you with respect to your needs whether this is the best option for you.

Should you require development of desktop application we will present you with the complete specification and cost of development.

Please note that we cannot tell you the price in advance as it depends on your needs and the specification that will arise from them.

Feel free to contact us for any inquiry you might have.